Explore the issue of fake news.

In the age of fast news and outrageous but no longer surprising political actions,
society believes the information they are presented with too quickly. Society
must be taught to doubt, hesitate, question and investigate before they take
information at face value. This project aims to target that split second moment
from being presented with information to the believing it, and encourage a pause
to reflect and investigate.
TRUTH!?. uses optical illusions to make people doubt the information they’re
presented with, and learn to investigate. Applying these actions to fake news
teaches people to stop question and investigate fake news, in order to stop
the spread of it.
The ‘Did This Make You’ poster is intended to be animated in GIF form to exhibit
the process of hesitating, doubting, questioning and investigating.
The Thought Process:
The !?. of the logo exhibits the process the audience would go through when
they come into contact with TRUTH!?. outcomes. Initally they see the optical
illusion and are shocked, then they start to question what is being presented
to them then they pause and investigate to fi nd out the real truth.
Concept development:
TRUTH!?. further aims to teach the public to doubt by placing optical illusions
such as a black hole in public places, encouraging this doubt scenario. This will
create a talking point and generate conversation around the issue of fake news,
as well as ironically perhaps create its own form of fake news, when people take
to social media to exclaim that there is a black hole in the centre of town,
for example.
Intended to be seen in order one by one, as the viewer slowly goes through
the process of shock, questioning and finally investigating.
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